19th October 2015, experience a change of heart.

Halloween is a big thing here…

Color coordinating with zombie professor!

halloween in the hood 3

Creeping past the creepy houses...
Creeping past the creepy houses…


On another note…this week was great! 😀

I like this quote because it explains that anyone can change.

“Our responsibility is to rise from mediocrity to competence, from failure to achievement. Our task is to become our best selves. One of God’s greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final.” Thomas S. Monson, May 1987 Ensign.

Yesterday we visited the Herbert family. Brother and Sister Herbert will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next year. They are converts and were introduced to the Church through visiting Temple Square! They always had a strong faith in Jesus Christ. 2 Nephi 33: 10 “And if ye shall believe in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they teach all men that they should do good.”

Because they believe in Jesus Christ, they believe in The Book of Mormon. There is a sweet feeling in the Herbert’s home. Their life’s show faith, sacrifice, loyalty, humility, forgiveness and hope. Brother Herbert’s heart is dying. He told us that he is expected to die within two months. We assured them that the Holy Ghost is with them, comforting them. Sister Herbert reassured us that he was. She knows that families are eternal and because of their Temple marriage, they will be together for eternity.

The message of the Gospel is a message of hope.

“I’m not so concerned with what you’ve done or where you’ve been as I am with where you’re going from here.” Elder Marvin J. Ashton. Heavenly Father takes every person from where they are and lifts them!

Purity is coming to understand just how special baptism and confirmation is. Its amazing to me how children understand the gospel. This gospel is not about logic or comprehension. To understand, we must feel and we must receive a witness from the Holy Spirit.

Alma 5:26 is the scripture I have been pondering this week. “And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?” In Zone Training Meeting, we read a Sister missionaries experience about prayer. I was reminded, that converting experiences happen as often as we seek them. A life long member of the Church can receive multiple witnesses from the Holy Ghost that The Book of Mormon is true. As we seek to strengthen our testimony through prayer and study, our hearts will change.
I love Jesus Christ and I know that He lives.
Sister Lyreche Tata

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