21 Sept 2015 – Reach for the Stars !

Hello family! :))

How was my week?…pretty great! How was your week? 🙂

With my short arms, it would be mad, To reach out for a star. But who, after seeing one clear night, Could satisfy himself with paper lanterns?” – Todd Britsch.

We have been teaching the Plan of Salvation a lot lately. We know that our life on earth is a time to prepare to meet Heavenly Father. After we die and are resurrected we will be judged according to our works and our desires – whether they be good or evil. The “star” mentioned in the poem, to me, is where the Lord lives. It is eternal joy. The “paper lanterns” are the rewards of the world or of satan. The path back to our Heavenly Father is strait and narrow. It is not an easy path to take but it is the only path that leads us to that star of eternal life

sis brown and i
Sister Brown & I

This week we taught a young girl named Purity. She understands that Heavenly Father has a plan for her. She has made the decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized. She knows that through priesthood ordinances, she can have eternal life. Purity has such a sweet testimony of Heavenly Father and of prayer. 🙂 She prays often and through prayer, she feels God is there and that He loves her. Purity is planning on being baptized on the 24th of October. We are excited for her! She is an example to us and to her family :).

Matthew 18:3 “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

She’s a special little girl! Her family are pretty awesome :), her Grandma is from Hawaii so she love’s talking about New Zealand and Polynesian culture. We are so excited for Purity 🙂 I really hope I will be here next transfer!!

Squirrel! They're everywhere here!
Squirrel! They’re everywhere here!

General Conference is coming up! I am looking forward to watching the sessions :)). I love you all! :)) Have a safe week!!
Sister Lyreche Tata

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