Pioneer day – 27th July 2015


Hello mum, dad and family 🙂

This week, on Friday was Pioneer Day! It was so much fun!!.
We were able to watch the parade, the radio station crew were right outside of our apartment.
It was amazing to see people in Utah – members and non members, celebrate the pioneers coming into the Salt Lake Valley. Most of the floats that I sent pictures of, were floats made my Stakes in Utah. Very creative and talented.

image1n image2 image3
We were able to meet different people while we were watching the parade too. We met a man whose wife died last year. He recently had knee surgery. He said that he felt alone since his wife died and we asked if we could watch the parade with him. We enjoyed staying with him and learning about him :)). He will be with his wife again, but in the meantime, he is waiting on the Lord :)).

Sister Marroquin is doing great in her English! She is now in the advanced English class, she is progressing so much! It has been a lot of hard work for her, and we are seeing the fruits of her labors. She is comfortable now holding a conversation with a visitor in English, by herself! She impresses me :)), or rather, the Lord impresses me with the things He enables us to achieve!

Yes, I met Aunty Alofa, Uncle Andrew and Nicole and her daughter. I recognised them as soon as I saw them! They are so lovely. They brought me Hawaiian chocolates, spam sushi…mm I miss that stuff! I remember Mum making that for us. It was lovely to talk with them and talk about our memories as a family. They are lovely. Please tell them I am grateful for the food and the money.. they are naughty, they put money in my food bag. I love them, it was comforting to see family again 😀

Til next week,
I love you all.

Sister Tata x

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