Monday 3rd August – Reap an Eternal Destiny

President Poulsen invited us to study the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 5-7 to prepare to receive inspiration at Conference. Zone Conference was purely amazing. I received inspiration that I was yearning for. Tuesday night, I prayed to our Heavenly Father and asked Him to please reveal what He expects of me. My prayers were answered in ways that I did not expect, but in ways that I definitely needed.

zone conference

The training we received was all about purifying ourselves. Our strength as missionaries depends on our personal obedience and righteousness of character. “Sow a thought, reap an action. Sow an action, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap an eternal destiny.”

“The final analysis will be not your increase, but your heart and sacrifice.” President David E. Poulsen. I am striving to be the kind of person that Heavenly Father can rely on.

I found this quote on a piece of paper in our conference room early last week, it reads:

“Remember that if we resist correction, others may discontinue offering it altogether, despite their love for us. If we repeatedly fail to act on the chastening of a loving God, then He too will desist. He has said, “My Spirit will not always strive with man” (Ether 2:15). Eventually, much of our chastening should come from within—we should become self-correcting. One of the ways that our late beloved colleague Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin became the pure and humble disciple that he was, was by analyzing his performance in every assignment and task. In his desire to please God, he resolved to determine what he could have done better, and then he diligently applied each lesson learned.” D. Todd Christofferson.

I have learned to love correction. At first, it was uncomfortable to give or receive correction. Over time I have come to understand that correction is given because of love. God does not merely want us to come to this life and not change. This is a probationary time, where we can work, perform our labors and prepare to meet our Heavenly Father.

This week I made a promise to myself – I will always be obedient in all things. When we are obedient, God will trust us. If no one else remembers me, I want the Lord to remember me. Matthew 5: 48 “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. ” I know I can not be perfect, but I will try!

I want to tell you about a man we are teaching, Ricky. He is special. His heart is gold. We met him by West Gate at mid-day. We were supposed to take a the Lake Ward Church of Christ on a tour but they cancelled last minute – that is when we met Ricky. He knows a lot about the Church! He doesn’t agree with all of our teachings (yet!) but that’s OK, he has not read the Book of Mormon yet. He loves the scriptures. I feel that he truly wants to seek Christ. I know that if he is sincere, he will receive a witness from the Spirit that this Church is God’s kingdom on earth. At first, Rick was not open to what we had to share with him. As we listened to him, he trusted us and started to accept the truths that we shared. As we were about to leave, He asked if we could pray with him. He prayed, and it was one of the most humble genuine prayers that I had ever heard. He is a special son of our Father in Heaven. Sister Marroquin and I are praying that he will be able to recognize the whispering’s of the Holy Spirit.

Sister Marroquin gave a wonderful training at District Meeting about the Role of the Spirit in conversion. She is confident in her teaching, testimony and her English. Sister Marroquin is one of the most sensitive people that I know. She is very sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit and to others needs. That is a gift that has blessed our companionship. I love her.

We watched this video yesterday, I loved it! Never stop trying to be better! You never fail until you stop trying. 🙂

Reach out with love

aussie kiwis
The Sisters from Australia & NZ

Have a blessed week!

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