– Happy 4th July!!!

Hola familia and amigos
How was your week?  🙂 I hope it was rewarding, joyous and challenging.

Another great week on Temple Square! One of the highlights of my week was my interview with President Poulsen. I know he and Sister Poulsen are both set apart and called of God. It’s a blessing to have a companion, District Leader, Zone Leaders, Assistants to President and a Mission President to work along side with. Missionary work is not to be done alone, is to be done together. As a Mission and as missionaries in the Lords Church, we must work together, support and lift each other.

My companion, Sister Marroquin is really becoming a tool in the Lord’s hands. President Heber C. Kimball said, “The Great Master Potter dictates His servants, and it is for them to carry out His purposes, and make vessels according to His designs; and when they have done the work, they deliver it up to the Master for His acceptance; and if their works are not good, He does not accept them; the only works He accepts, are those that are prepared according to the design He gave. God will not be trifled with; neither will His servants; their words have got to be fulfilled, and they are the men that are to mold you, and tell you what shape to move in.” Heavenly Father is molding Sister Marroquin, because she is humble, diligent, hard working and faithful. Its a wonderful to see the Atonement changing peoples lives, including my companions and my own.

We have been so blessed this week to find many people to help receive and accept the Gospel! There are people who ARE ready to receive the message of the gospel. When we find those people who are ready to accept the Gospel – it makes all the hard work, diligence and effort worth it. Sister Marroquin taught me that the Lord does not need missionaries. Rather, we need Him. We are doing this work because we need help. I love my Heavenly Father and I am thankful for this sacred opportunity to be here, holding this sacred calling, being a part of the work of salvation.

The past p-day was a lot of fun! We went to the Utah Bees vs Los Angeles baseball game! It was awesome.  Our Mission President is behind us there.  He is lovely. He spoils us so much. He treats us all like his own daughters. We’re going to miss him when we go.

the gAME

Happy 4th of July to you too Mum!!!!! We had an awesome Independence day!  All the Sister’s dressed in red, white and blue for the day.  We had hot dogs and ice creams as a mission at Brigham Young Park. We are so lucky, we could see fireworks from our apartment. I’ve never seen so much fireworks in my life! 🙂

The time is flying by, its hard to believe that I have been out now for nearly 8 months. There is still so much more that I want to give of myself.  I know though, that even when I am home, I will be a missionary, I will be learning and I will always be a representative of Jesus Christ

Over the last couple of days, during personal study, I have been studying the Book of Mormon with a question in my mind and heart. The pages of that holy book and the Spirit has answered my questions. Preach My Gospel reads; “As we read the Book of Mormon with the guidance of the Spirit, it helps us answer personal questions. It teaches that prayer and revelation are the key to solving particular problems. It helps us have faith that God will answer our prayers.” I know with a surety that the Book of Mormon is scripture written by true Prophet’s of God. God hears and answers when we pray in faith. He answers in His own time and way. He loves us because we are all His children.

I invite you all to study the Book of Mormon with a question in your heart. I know that through faith in Jesus Christ and sincere prayer and study, Heavenly Father will answer the question that you have. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know all who desire to know of its truthfulness will come to know that, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father loves you all. 🙂

Sister Tata xx

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