Friday 5th June 2015, An eventful week

Saturday 6th June 2015,

Hi Mum, Dad, Nan, Family and Friends! 🙂

This week has been so busy – I don’t know where to begin! I want to tell you all about it, I wish there was more time. (Right now, I am grateful for a journal!)

Well, firstly I love Sister Marroquin and I love being her companion! She has a sincere love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel. She shows that love by doing her absolute best to share it! She wants to be obedient and diligent and I am so thankful for her example. I am always so blessed with wonderful companions.

Sister Marroquin and I are working together so that she can learn and speak English. We know that through faith, time and diligent effort, she will be able to speak all the words in her heart. President Harman gave us a a very short and concise priesthood blessing. In the blessing he administered, he blessed us that the Spirit will whisper the things that we can do to help Sister Marroquin learn English. He also gave us the promise that through the experiences we have together, we will create a bond that will last forever. Sister Marroquin and I have made a language study plan so we can work as a companionship to help each other be the most effective missionaries we can be.

I am very blessed to have Sister Burgoyne as a District Leader. She is one of the most beautiful people that I have met. I loved exchanging with her and learning with her. Sister Burgoyne understands the Gospel. She lives it. She loves it. I am thankful for her positive attitude. She is a light to all around her and I know that she still has so much to offer our lovely Temple Square Mission.

Many of the events that have transpired this week that have made me think more about the Plan of Salvation. I met a family who are mourning the loss of a daughter.

A beloved Apostle, Elder L Tom. Perry passed away and we were very blessed to be able to attend his funeral service.At Elder L Tom Perry Service, Sat 6th June

Celebrating the life of Elder L. Tom Perry. We know he is working with God now, on the other side. :)
Celebrating the life of Elder L. Tom Perry. We know he is working with God now, on the other side. 🙂




Our lovely Mission President and Mission Mother, President and Sister Poulsen 🙂


I saw the pain of a terrified wife as she watched her husband fall in an accident. Life is precious and it is a gift to enjoy fully and completely.

Through, and only through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ can we have everlasting peace and joy. Regardless of our challenges, heart aches and sorrows – we can find peace through the Savior and His Atoning sacrifice.

I love you all! Have a fun week! :))

Sister Tata

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