25th April 2015, In the Square

18th April 2015

We just had transfers on Wednesday!  And my new companion is….. Sister Lee from Hong Kong!!! 😀 And I love her so much!!!!  She just got back from her 3 months outbound,she served in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and she loved it. Sister Lee speaks Mandarin & Cantonese and I am excited to learn Mandarin from her! She is the kindest person that I know.  She reminds me a lot of myself haha which makes me a bit nervous.  I am excited for you to meet her when we talk with you over Mother’s day :D!!

Sisiter Lee and I

 25th April -2015

This week Sister Lee and I witnessed God’s tender mercies and miracles.

I want to tell you about Brian, Nick and a return missionary from Buenos Aires.  On Monday met Brian from Oregon/China. Brian is a photographer who loves the Temple and gardens on Temple Square.  We approached him while he was capturing pictures of a tulip.  We all introduced ourselves and then Brian started to describe the beauty of this simple tulip.  Spring on Temple Square

The light of the sun shining upon the tulip’s petals creates highlights and shadows. Each and every single flower is unique – you will never find two of the same flowers. He likened flowers unto people – they have characteristics like we do.  We invite him to learn more about the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ and he kindly but surely declined.  After our conversation with him – my eyes were open. I could more clearly see the beauty of God’s creations.  I saw God’s hand in the temple, the trees, the cool wind, the sparrows and the people who we interact with each and every single day.  Brian taught me the importance of seeing things as they really are.

Our job’s as missionaries is to be like Brian – to expound, liken, teach and apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people so that they can see its true beauty.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is most beautiful when it is understood, that is our calling.  Brian taught me a powerful lesson.

While Sister Christensen and I were on exchanges on Thursday.We met Nick.  Nick is a Hawaiian/Filipino and a true lover of Jesus Christ.  He is living in Arizona and is visiting Utah for work business. The Spirit prompted us to speak with him and we are so glad that we did.  Nick has spoken with many missionaries in the past.  He has a lot of questions and because of his busy schedule he was not able to meet with missionaries very often.  He has read the Book of Mormon in the past – he likes the message – but doesn’t believe it is true.  He did not quite understand the scripture in Matthew 16:18, when Christ speaks of Peter being his rock and foundation.  He was confused as to why we believe that the Church was taken off the earth.  We were able to teach him about the apostasy and how God loves us so much that he has provided a living Prophet to lead us and guide us – as he called Peter and Prophet’s in the past.  Though Nick had many questions and still does, he wants to understand.  We saw Nick as a Son of God, who God wants to see again.  Nick felt that we loved him and cared about him and accept to learn more about the gospel.


A few day’s ago, at TC Desk I met a recent returned missionary from Kansas. He returned home from serving in Buenos Aries a month ago – we could feel that he yearned to be back on a mission. He came to Temple Square that day to feel uplifted by the Spirit. I testified of his divine calling as a disciple of Jesus Christ and as a missionary. We will always be missionaries – when we chose to be baptized, we promised to be a witness of Jesus Christ.  This R.M’s countenance changed, he felt reassured and loved by Heavenly Father. We invited him to pray in his heart about who needs to hear his testimony of Jesus Christ today.  Just as this young man was getting ready to leave – a man, from Buenos Aries, Argentina walked through the sliding doors.  This man moved recently from Argentina to Kansas! He spoke Spanish and was not able to converse with us in English.  This R.M walked straight up to him and started to converse with him.  This R.M was being the missionary that he needed!  When these two men met, I knew that God’s hand was here and is always here in Temple Square.

Sister Lee is wonderful. She helps me to see God’s love in my life.  She is my best friend.  She is a powerful and loving missionary.  She has a divine potential and I am trying to help her see that.  God loves her very much.


Sister Tata

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