28th March 2015 – When have I seen the Lord’s hand in my life this week

When have I seen the Lord’s hand in my life this week? I felt Him near as I heard our investigator repeat the words of a simple prayer I offered over the phone. I saw Him as I spoke with missionaries and visitor’s on Temple Square, I felt a witness that they were all God’s children. I felt Him there as I prayed in the Temple. The Lord was there when I received a message that Papa had passed away. He comforted me and brought peace into my heart. “He answers privately, Reaches my reaching, In my Gethsemane, Savior and Friend. Gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching. Constant he is and kind, Love without end.” (Where Can I Turn For Peace?) Jesus Christ is the author of peace. He is always there to catch us when we fall. He loves us.

This transfer I am learning who I really am. A friend of mine recently gave me some advice to really think about who I was. We are all special and unique. We each have a divine identity and potential.

Have you ever thought about who you are? There is something about you, that makes you different: you might be a friend, a musician, a teacher, a food lover, a reader, a writer, a brother, a sister. While we have different skills, talents and personalities, WE ALL have one thing in common. Each and and every one of you is a Child of God. Because you are a child of God, a part of Him is within you. He knows you perfectly and He loves you perfectly. He loves YOU.

Easter is coming up and I invite you, before Easter Sunday, to watch “Because He Lives” and share the video with someone special to you. “Find” Jesus Christ this Easter by learning more about Him and applying His teachings in your life.


We spoke with a special child of Heavenly Father this week. We asked him, “Who is God to you?” and this sweet boy answered, “God is my hero.” I want you to know that God is my hero too.

Sister Tata


​Temple Square Gardens 🙂


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