6 January 2015, ALL My Heart, Might, Mind and Strength

“As we consider various choices, we should remember that it is not enough that something is good. Other choices are better, and still others are best” – Elder Dallin H. Oaks.
This week I learned that serving a honorable 18 month mission is good. Serving a 18 month mission with “all your heart, might, mind and strength..” is better. Serving the Lord forever as a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ is BEST.
We have seen many miracles this week as we have tried a little harder to be diligent missionaries. Heavenly Father is preparing people to receive the gospel. He is preparing a way for all of His children to return to Him. He loves all of His Children.

This Sunday I fasted and prayed specifically that God would put into my mind, those things that I needed to change in order to be a more devoted and consecrated servant. For 40 day’s I will sacrifice those things that are holding me back from being “all in”. D&C 25: 10 And verily I say unto thee that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better. I know that as we seek, everyday to lay aside the things of this world, God will bless us with people to help.
We had an “Embrace It” meeting today, with the first transfer sister’s, our trainers and companions, the Assistants to the President and President Poulsen. We watched a talk given by Elder Holland in an MTC address. Elder Holland speaks about Preach My Gospel, and how it is designed to influence conversion in the missionary. He counsels on some things we can improve to be devoted and life long disciples of Jesus Christ.

1 – Study effectively. Take every moment to study up the words of Christ – don’t just study them, but write them on your heart. “True doctrine understood changes attitude and behavior. The study of doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than study of behavior will improve behavior.” – President Boyd K. Packer.

2 – Prepare. Plan for every investigator. After every lesson, review and take notes. “It has been said that a goal not written is merely a wish.”

3 – Teach for commitment – put everything on the line, put your heart on the line. Use every effort to cry to the Lord for support. Use every effort to help Him and His Children. Luke 22: 32 “…when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.”
I pray that God will correct me, every day and always. God corrects us because He loves us. My mission has begin, but it will never end and I am thankful that every day, we can be the Lord’s hands in bringing about His purpose. 🙂

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