27th February 2015

This week has been a week of wonderful instruction!

We had technology training by Elder Clark of the Seventy and Brother Donaldson from the Missionary Department. We had a Relief Society lesson by a Sister from the General Relief Society Board. A Sister in our District had some medical difficulties and is enjoying the companionship of her lovely Mother and Family. We are getting ready for transfer 3 which is coming up next week! It has been a busy week. Amongst all of this – I have come to feel a deep appreciation for the sacred time I have to kneel in prayer to the Lord and study the words of eternal life.
Our mission will be receiving I-pads very soon, and so we had a 4 hour training from Elder Clark on how to best use these devices to fulfill our missionary purpose. I went to the training with a few questions in my heart…and I know that while Elder Clark did not answer all of my questions, the Spirit did. I now have a testimony that technology is good! It is created by an almighty and all loving God. It can be used to bring about much good. Satan will use this tool to try and hinder the work. But Heavenly Father has a plan to use it to hasten the work. I felt the strongest impression while I was in that training, that I, and these missionaries, have been chosen to be part of a marvelous latter-day work. Online missionary work is wonderful! Over 1 billion of God’s children are on the social network! That is 1 billion people who we can teach and bring into the gospel. Doors are opening and being unlocked.
In Relief Society we discussed the Authority and Power of the Priesthood. For a long time, the only blessing that I could really identify from the result of the Priesthood was the Priesthood blessings I had received. Boy, did I misunderstand the Priesthood! Every counsel, blessing, ordinance, organization…the Church functions under the Priesthood. No, as a woman, I do not have hold the keys of the Priesthood but I have been set apart to work under its authority. I enjoy the blessings of the Priesthood every day and I am thankful for President Poulsen. For the authority that he holds and exercises. I know that I was chosen to serve in Temple Square, not only because of the mission, but because of My Mission President. He is a wonderful and an inspired leader. I feel very blessed to labor with him in this great and marvelous work.

bequette west and i
Next week on Wednesday is transfer day! My p-day, companion and schedule will most likely change. I am thankful for all that I have learned with and from Sister Barros. She is a wonderful missionary and leader. I look forward to the difficulties, joys and trials that await me in my mission. I know that trials bring opportunity for growth and development.

I know that Jesus Christ lives, He is our Savior, His Atonement is real. Through Christ we can be happy with our Families now and throughout all eternity, this knowledge whispers peace to my soul. I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet, the Book of Mormon is evidence of this.
I love you all!

I will talk to you next week. 🙂

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