27h February 2015 –

Hi Mum and Dad!

My week has been really great! Our investigator’s have been ok, its been a little hard to get a hold of them. Its so hard because a lot of them live in Brazil and we can’t always coordinate a good time for appointments. But we have an investigator, her name is Helena and she’s from Rio de Janeiro! I love her soooo much! Sister Barros has been teaching her for a long long time, around a year now. Helena has had a lot of difficulties in her life and is finally ok to go to Church. She is so ready and eager to be baptized, so we are working to make that happen as soon as possible. She is so fun haha she speaks the tiniest bit of English…when we call she always asks “Where is Lyreee” haha and “Hi Lyreee, I love you Lyreee” ..that is how she say’s my name. She also say’s that the is learning English so she can speak to me hahaha I love her! Helena is amazing. She prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help her find the nearest Church in the area she is living. She said the same day she met two missionaries on the street! They were in the right place at the right time and because of that heart felt prayer, she was able to attend Church and is receiving the missionary lessons.
We had a technology training for the I-pads on Wednesday by Elder Clark of the Seventy and Brother Donaldson. It was so great. The training was on increasing personal righteousness and obeying the Missionary Handbook with exact obedience. The I-pads will never ever take the place of a missionary, and we must be masters of technology. I was really nervous about using the I-pads in missionary work, but now I am just excited! Our Mission President and the brethren have prepared us to use this tool to hasten the work so we need not fear. Social Media and the online network is Heavenly Father’s creation and is here for the purpose of hastening the work of salvation. When used wisely it will hasten the work and not hinder the work!

It was warm earlier in the week and today its snowing! But it is warmer, I love it :). How are you doing Mum? How is Sydney treating you?
I know like you all do, that God has a perfect and flawless plan. You have so much faith. Heavenly Father will take care of Papa, whether in mortality or immortality, He will lead and guide Papa. I have been praying that the Lord would comfort our family and give peace to Papa and I know He is blessing us all. All will be according to the will of the Lord. Through this trial, it has been a blessing to see how much faith my family has in the Lord. 🙂 Tell Nan I love her and I am praying for her everyday! Tell her the Lord loves her and is holding her hand and comforting her at this very moment.
Let me know what happens with Papa, I will be perfectly at peace because I know we will be with him again! :))
I had a wonderful week, thank you. It has been a bit of a trial this week, I feel like I’m not progressing much and I am praying for help with that. I am most scared of becoming a comfortable missionary who does not grow or who does not reach her fullest potential. I am excited for transfers, next p-day I will have a new companion!!! I am excited for changes, challenges and trials, because in them I will be able to grow.
Wow that’s awesome that Mum saw Elder Parata. When we get the I-pads I will be on facebook, eventually. I’m most excited to teach more people! There are many people back home who I wish I invited to meet the missionaries. I have another chance to invite them and teach them about the gospel, I feel blessed to be a missionary. I love you Dad, Mum, Kaden, Jazzy, Chevell, Nathaniel, Xavi, Kya, Nan and Papa! I love you all so very much and am always thinking of you.
I have been baking! Mostly, banana breads, cookies..when mum is back home, and papa is ok, could you send me some recipes? I miss your cookies, slices, cakes… I enjoy baking and cleaning, it helps me to de-stress haha. I love you family!
Sister Tata xx

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