13 January 2015 – Hard is Worth it!

Dear Family,

I didn’t get the message that grandma passed away until now.

I’m so happy for her, she is happy with Grandpa :)). I am so happy that we were able to visit her and sing for her before I came on my mission. I know that she really loved it when we sung for her, now she is singing with Grandpa! 🙂 Wow back to New Zealand, first time in 7 years! I’m happy that you can be there for Grammy. Yes please, take heaps of photos.

We met a kiwi today, his name is Milique Harvey from Auckland. We had a chat about New Zealand and what we love about it. I don’t know if NZ will ever stop being home for us. I feel very blessed to have been raised in a beautiful country, a simple country. Wish Dad could be there with you. Uncle Shaun and kids sent me a Christmas card. So nice :).

My week has been good, yes its very quiet here now! My companion and I went to the Rooftop Restaurant, so good and so pretty! Its really posh though haha but so nice. Thank you so much for the gift card mum and dad! My companion loved it, she says thank you so much :). She said she felt spoiled, and it meant a lot to her, the Sister’s don’t usually get to go to nice places like that :). I passed the assessment to be able to take tours, so now I can take tours on temple square which is fun! We love taking tours. People from all around the world come to temple square because they want to learn more…Its so nice. Its a blessing to be here in this mission.

rooftop dinner 2 rooftop dinner rooftop3The Assistants to the President messaged us last week and said that had a special assignment for us… 9 new visitors center directors have been called to serve in visitor center missions around the world. They are in the MTC at the moment and on Thursday 15th they will be coming to Temple Square for some training. We have been picked as one of the 9 companionship to take them on a tour. Visitor Centers missions are very unique. We feel very privileged to help train these directors and missionaries :). Visitors Center Directors usually work along side Mission President, however President Poulsen is both president and director. He’s awesome! 🙂

rooftop 4Ask God to put you just where he wants you, to tell you what he wants you to do, and feel that you are on hand to do it.” – President Brigham Young

This week, I made it a goal, to everyday write a spiritual thought or scripture in my journal. This one from Brigham Young is one of my favorites! This explains that God doesn’t lead us blindly – if he leads us to do something or say something, we can always seek confirmation that its the right thing, that we are on the right path.

west zone
West 2 Zone

I have felt stretched and tested mentally this week. I have felt discouraged seeing those we were teaching search for answers from worldly sources. God is the source of all truth, and one can know something is good by simply turning to the source of all truth through sincere prayer. Is has been difficult to see people lose their desire to partake of the this Gospel. When things get tough, its reassuring to know that God still loves me. He is in charge. This is His work. He has a plan for All of His Children. Sometimes life is hard, but when it get’s hard apply the following words by Elder Klebingat –

“I understand, Lord. I know what this is. A time to prove myself, isn’t it?” Hard things are not impossible, they are just hard!

Missionary work is one of those hard things. The work, the emotions, the stress, the tears are all worth it. There is no greater joy than partaking of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I have experienced the healing power of the Atonement. It is a beautiful experience to share that joy with someone else.

salt lak city mountains
Salt Lake City Mountains

My companion, Sister Barros and I have been praying and working hard to find those who are prepared to make covenants with God. As transfers are coming to an end, we have been praying and pushing even harder! Just recently Heavenly Father has lead us to one of his Son’s who is ready to make that covenant of baptism. He is wonderful! He is acting on his faith and developing his faith everyday. He has a baptismal date for the 17th this month!

I have a testimony that Angels are preparing the hearts of men, women, children. The gospel will go forth “till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear.” I know this is true.

Sister Tata

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