Week 5, My first week in Temple Square – 15th December 2014


Hi Mum and Dad :).

My week…

I haven’t been more productive in my life! This week was a week to remember. My first day in Temple Square I saw Elder Eyering! He was on a private tour with our Mission President, President Poulsen and the Assistants. I wasn’t able to get a picture with him, but one day I will! πŸ™‚

My companion and trainer is Sister Burros. She is 21 and she is from Brazil, she speaks English and Portuguese. She is amazing. The thing that I love most about her is that she teaches by example. She is so sweet and soft spoken, she doesn’t say a lot but its what she does and who she is that makes her a powerful missionary. Sister Burros is so humble and patient. Lately I have been asking her how to say certain words in Portuguese… I’m learning my testimony, its a work in progress but I promise by next week I will know it and share it :).

I heard in the MTC that visitor center missions are full of miracles. And I have seen too, many miracles in the 5 days that I have been here.

On Thursday I met Mitch in the South Visitor’s Center. Mitch was sitting on his own in the south visitor’s center, so me and my exchange companion, Sister Hernandez from Canada, decided to talk to him. As we talked with Mitch we found out that he was a less active member, he served a mission when he was younger, he lost his job and was currently homeless. As he shared his story, we felt so much love for him. We testified that God loves us and he loved Mitch. I was thinking of a scripture that I could share with him, I opened my Book of Mormon and the page it opened to was chapter 50 of Alma. We read the first few verses with Mitch – this chapter is talking about Moroni and his people fortifying the city Bountiful to defend themselves from the Lamanite armies. We shared with Mitch, that our testimonies need fortification. Like Bountiful – we need to build up our testimonies from the adversary. As we shared this, Mitch started to weep. He shared his testimony that he knew that God loved Him and wanted Him to come back to Church. Mitch said a prayer with us, and it was the most heartfelt prayer I have ever heard. After we left Mitch, we passed him again and saw him studying the Book of Mormon with a big smile on his face. πŸ™‚

Heavenly Father is preparing a way from His children to return to Him. I love this work! We are so busy here on Temple Square, sometimes we don’t even get time to eat! But I love it! πŸ˜€


Thank you Mum and Dad for the photos, its so nice to see you and the fun you had in Bali! Thank you for the coat! I love it. Let me know when you get your package and tell Nathaniel happy 15th birthday! I love you πŸ™‚ I promise I will write more next week!

I love you Tata Family xoxox

Sister Tata

Sis Rajah and I
Sis Rajah and I


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