Week 2 – 26/11/2014

Hello! 😀

This week has been great! Some highlights of my week… last Thursday Sister Burton, General Relief Society President spoke at a devotional! She spoke about becoming an effective missionary through the Atonement of Christ. Through Him we can reach our potential :).

My companion is Sister Bequette, she is from Maryland Washington.

Sis Bequette and I

She is awesome! We have so much things in common, she loves the gospel and has such a solid testimony. I’m teaching her Kiwi and Aussie sayings… She loves my accent…apparently I sound really Australian haha. She also loves to play the piano so we will probably audition to perform a musical piece at a devotional or meeting. I’ll let you know how it goes :D.

The MTC Mission President is President Nally, he served as Mission President in 2004 in Perth so he was super excited to talk to me haha, reminds him of his misison there!  There are around 1,500 missionaries at the MTC at the moment :). My District is soo awesome! There is me and my companion, we are going to Temple Square, then we have 6 Elders in our District and they are going to the Brisbane Mission!!! Haha my District bought me some cheese in a can, because I haven’t had it before. Its not as bad as it looks :P.

Photo recieved from Ryan Reid (Ex APM missionary whos friend is teaching Sister Tatas District in MTC)

Dallin H. Oaks spoke to us yesterday in a devotional :). I feel so blessed to be here and to hear the Apostles of the Lord. The topic of his talk was “Save yourself by losing yourself in the work”, 18 months is not a long time compared to eternity! I know that if I serve as it says in D&C 4, with all my heart, might, mind and strength then I will stand blameless before God. A devotional by Elder Bednar called ‘Characters of Christ’ reminds me to serve others, reach outward, always face God and do not be selfish. I want to invite you all, to watch ‘Character’s of Christ’ by Elder Bednar, I promise that it will inspire you to come closer to our Savior in some way.

I love being here in the MTC! I am learning how to listen to the Spirit and follow its promptings. We teach lessons to “pretend investigators” but even though its not real, I feel the Spirit so strong in those lessons. I know the MTC is an organisation of God.

I have seen Elder West, Grant, Holder and Sister Parata, Wallwork and Richard already! They are awesome and will be wonderful missionaries because they work hard. 🙂


Thinking of you,


Sister Tata

P.S it snowed last week! I took photos

Dear Elder me if you get a chance :). It gets sent in a letter form straight to me, the next day 🙂 my address is..

Sister Lyreche Kathy Ngawaiwera Tata
2009 N 900 E Unit 183
Provo UT 84602

Its Snowing- MTC
Its Snowing outside!! 🙂
Sis Parata (jazpahs sister in law) and me
Elder Holder  & his comp Elder England?..:) and my companion Sis Bequette
Elder West, haha..

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