Week 3 – Friday 5/12/2014

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Thank you for your emails, letters and packages (thank you Mum and Dad! Our District loved the “Half Way Through the MTC” celebration box!). I share it with all four (now two) members of my District :). My p-day changed to Friday :).

Care package 🙂

Well I leave the MTC on the 10th of December…a few more days to go! Yay I’m excited. Well this week has been great…

Thursday last week was Thanksgiving Day and Elder David A. Bednar and Sister Bednar taught us at the devotional! It was amazing, He radiates the Spirit of Christ. He held a question and answer session with us. I know that he is a Prophet of God. Thanksgiving was fun, the food was good, great company and got to participate in a huge service project, packing soup meals. 🙂

This week, starting Wednesday I began Visitor’s Center training! It has been a wonderful experience… I actually was able to go to Salt Lake Temple Square on Wednesday! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll the sisters going to that mission went! And we are going again tomorrow during the evening. :)) Everything about Temple Square is beautiful. The Christus statue is my favorite.

The Christus
The Christus

In the Visitor’s Center class we learn how to teach lessons and incorporate them into tours. There is a referral center here and my companion and I have taught on online chat a few times now! We get to answer the questions of people from all around the world. We get some interesting questions. We are learning that a Visitor’s Center Sister Missionary purpose is the same as regular proselyting missionaries. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ through helping them receive the Restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance,Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.

Something that I am learning in the MTC is how to ask good questions! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAsking questions and relying on the Spirit is so important in discerning the needs of those we teach. The Spirit is the teacher, and we are the Lord’s mouth piece. Sister Bequette have an investigator already! We met him on chat, his name is Andre and we will be teaching him through email and chat. I lovvvvvveeee this work so much!

This morning I was blessed to go through the Provo Temple.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Being there felt so special. I love that no matter where we are in the world, the Church is the same. Dad gave me a Temple Recommend cover, and the quote on the cover says “Families are forever”. I love my family! I want to be with you forever. And for us to be together as a family forever we need to keep the commandments, repent, have faith in Jesus Christ. We need to work for it! It won’t be easy, but we must do it! 🙂 Do everything you can to make it.

There is a mormon message called “He is the Gift”. Capture

I want to invite you all to watch it, and ask Heavenly Father in prayer, what you can do to

1. Discover the gift,

2. Embrace the gift and

3. Share the gift.

I know that as you watch this video and keep this commitment, you will have a more meaningful Christmas, a Christmas centered on the Savior Jesus Christ.


Sister Tata

PS My temple square mission address will be:
Sister Lyreche Tata
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission
50 N West Temple Square Mission
Salt Lake City UT 84150-1891

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